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​The relationships we have with the people around us, whether it's a partner, sibling, parent, child, co-worker, friend or other family member, can often give us our greatest ideas of who we are in this world.  We come to understand our own value and worth based on people's impressions of us.   This becomes challenging when we don't see ourselves the way our significant others do or when we feel we are taken for granted.

I'm here to listen and to help you and your significant other find meaning in your relationship again, overcome your struggles, and come to a place of deeper satisfaction with each other.  

This too, shall pass....

It takes great courage to admit to yourself that things in your relationship aren't going well, but even more to tell someone else.

​Relationships are hard.  As human beings, we are innately social, but it is also biologically necessary for us to meet our own needs before we meet the needs of others.  We tend to have high expectations of others. Conflict and inner turmoil arises when we feel slighted, as though our personal rights have been impeded or violated, or when others don’t treat us the way we would expect.  When we learn to successfully negotiate our interactions we are able to achieve calm within ourselves as well as healthy relationships with others.

There are always 2 (or more) sides to every story.....

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